Drinks in Panama and the Best Places to Get Them

From coffee to beer, you name it. not only food, but you can also get the best drinks in Panama. Here you will get to know many kinds of beverages that are popular in Panama. Not only it will help you what drinks you should try when you are in Panama, but also the best places to get the best beverages.

Non-alcohol drinks

If you are coffee lovers, you will try to find coffee wherever you go. You should try coffee when you are in Panama. Grown locally in Chiriqui Highlands, the coffee is generally good even all over Panama. You can try them in espresso-style or serve black as Americano you can also add milk as you like.

Known as Champagne of the charges, the drinking water in Panama is called for its goodness. Iced water is usually served free in the restaurants in Panama, while tap water usually found in towns and cities except for the ones in remote areas.

The next delicious drink is called chichas, blends of water, ice and juice made from a tropical fruit. Chichas can be found in restaurants and on the street.

Served with milkshakes and fresh fruit, batidos is one of the famous drinks in Panama. Another popular drink is called pipas. It is the water from green coconut which served with ice or fresh from the tree.



Alcohol drinks

Beer is popular here in Panama, some local brands are popular and widely consumed bu Panamanians. Some imported beer is also available in the city. Some people here are consuming rum that is locally produced for a faster effect. Seco which is a fermentation from sugar cane is also stronger compared to regular beer.

Best places to drink in Panama

if you are visiting Panama for a short time, you should check out the night time in Panama City. The restaurants, bars with rooftops can be a good place to spend the night with your loved ones.

  1. Amano

This place is the perfect spot for good music, friendly neighborhood and authentic beverages since all the drinks are made by hand. Amano will never bore you since they will change the menu according to the season with different drinks.



  1. La Rana Dorada

This place is for you who loves beer whilst playing judi online at With hand-made beer, a chance to taste a bit from their choices gives you the opportunity to choose the ones which suit your taste. Come with popular beers, the pizza is exceptionally good. Beer and pizza, what a great combination!

La Rana Dorada

La Rana Dorada

  1. MoMa

Moma is good for you who like to have a drink in a more relaxed place. With various types of drinks from margaritas, cosmopolitan, vodka, gin to rum.


Tantalo could be the best spot to have popular drinks in Panama while enjoying the view of the city from the rooftop. Tantalo is famous for the cocktails. The food is also good, you can order them on the lower floor, then you can go for a drink on the rooftop for the best experience during your stay in the city.