Popular Traditional Food around the World That You Should Try

Traditional food is food that has become a tradition because it has been passed down from generation to generation. Usually, each country has one traditional food that eventually becomes a characteristic of the country. This traditional food is also a “national treasure” and the pride of the country. Although traditional food initially developed in certain areas, thanks to the promotion and tourism, traditional food is gaining in popularity even in many countries. Here is a popular traditional food around the world.


The first popular traditional food came from Japan. It is known that sushi was first discovered in the Yayoi period, which is around 1,000 BC – 300 AD. Until now, sushi has survived and developed to be popular in many countries. Today, sushi consists of many types; however, the most popular are nigirizushi (hand-pressed sushi) and makizushi (rolled sushi). Sushi is also popular because it can be combined with a variety of seafood and vegetables.


Who doesn’t know pizza here? Pizza is a popular food typical of Italy. Pizza is a flat, wide-shaped dough baked with a topping of cheese, tomato sauce, and several other additions, such as cuts of meat. It is known that pizza is the development of food called focaccia. Pizza has grown and is more modern in the 18th century. The name of the pizza itself was discovered around 997 AD.

Popular Traditional Food

Popular Traditional Food


Popular traditional food around the world comes from the Korean region. Kimchi is fermented vegetables and seasoned with chili powder, garlic, ginger, salted seafood (jeotgal), and spring onion. Vegetables used are usually the type of cabbage (napa cabbage) or Korean radish. However, kimchi can now be made with a variety of vegetable variations. Kimchi in its presentation is a side dish. In Korea, it’s not good to eat without kimchi, whatever the food. Kimchi itself is known to be first made in 37 BC – 7 AD or in the era of the Three Kingdoms.


The next traditional food comes from Greece. Moussaka is food that resembles a pie, but the dough is made from eggplant or potatoes. Moussaka also uses cuts of meat (usually beef). This food has several layers, i.e. the first layer is eggplant dough then the second layer is meat and vegetable cuts and is covered by eggplant dough again. Then, stack the layers baked, after they are cooked, cut according to the portions. It is known that the embryo of moussaka was discovered around the 13th century. The name moussaka itself was discovered and formalized in 1892.



Fish and chips

This food comes from the United Kingdom. Fish and chips themselves are known to be discovered first around 1860. This food is very popular throughout the world. Fish and chips are fried foods, which are made from fish covered with flour and potato pieces. The fish used are usually cod and haddock.

Nasi goreng (fried rice)

The last popular traditional food around the world came from Indonesia. Fried rice (nasi goreng) is a dish made from rice that is stir-fried with oil or butter and added with Indonesian sweet soy sauce and sambal (chili sauce). This sweet soy sauce and chili sauce make Indonesian fried rice different and famous. Indonesian fried rice is also usually added with cuts of meat and vegetables.