Exploring Panamanian Full Course Dining

Are you planning to travel to Panama for the first time? You may wonder what to eat there, or you even want to try what Panamanian usually eats and drink? Panamanian Full Course Dining meals come in wide variety since it has influences from Indigenous, American, African and Spanish.you can choose from internationally famous to exotic cuisines from local.

Consists of different regions and Idnplay poker cultures at, each of them provides variation even for the same type of dish. In the coastal area, you will likely find meals made from seafood, tropical fruits and coconut. In the center dish made from chicken, pork, beef that is served with sauce are likely to be found. in this reading, you will be taken to explore what popular food in Panama, so you have the idea of what to get when you are there.

For breakfast

Usually, breakfast in Panama includes corn tortillas deeply fried and stacked with egg and meat. If you are familiar with American breakfast, lucky you. they are easy to find as they are served in most restaurants in Panama. Breakfast will not be complete without coffee, so to complete the delicious breakfast, Panamanian coffee is the perfect company.

egg meat and coffee

egg meat and coffee  Panamanian Full Course Dining

For Main Course 

For the main course, Panamanian usually eats something made from meat with rice also coconut and beans are presented. Local vegetables and fruits such as squash, plantains, and yucca are also accompanying the meals.

In a coastal area such as in the islands, the meals will be rich with fresh seafood and tropical fruit like coconut and mango. Other popular food in Panama that usually they have for the main course are sancocho, carimanola, empanadas, and tamales. Sancocho is a stew with meat inside it and some vegetables. Carimanola is a yucca roll filled with boiled eggs and meat and it is fried. Empanadas is a type of pastry with meat, cheese, and potato filling, it is usually served with the company of tomato sauce. Tamales are the corn dough with meat inside, the unique is that banana leaves are used to serve it.


Carimanola  Panamanian Full Course Dining

For desserts

Everybody loves desserts. Pasel de Tres Leches (cake of three kinds of milk) is popular food in Panama and also eaten all over central America. The name comes from three types of milk that are used in the making of the cake. Another dessert is raspados, it is snow cones from Panama with syrups and condensed milk on top of it.

For side dishes and snacks

Some foods are normally be found in a company of the main dishes:

  1. Plantains

There are three ways to serving plantain in Panama, patacones, maduros, and tajadas.

  1. Yuca Frita

Yuca root that is fried is commonly found in accompanying most of Panama meals.

  1. Gallo Pinto

Gallo Pinto is rice with beans with pork.

  1. Ceviche

Ceviche is raw fish, or shrimp chopped and mixed with tomatoes, onions, cilantro, and lime juice is used to.

Though Panama meals are not usually very cheap, the taste created from the combination of local taste and foreign influence will be worth the price.