Currently, culinary can be said as one of the arts and cultural identity in a region or country. This is evident from every country that has at least one typical food that is very identical. The taste, appearance, and different ingredients become the distinguishing characteristics of this food and become a “national treasure”. Although these foods were originally developed and popular in their respective countries or regions, these foods, at present, are popular with many people, even throughout the world. These are the 6 most popular foods in the world.


The first food came from the Italian region. Pasta is a food made from unleavened dough from a mixture of durum wheat flour, water, and eggs. The dough is then formed into various shapes and sizes. Therefore, you will hear various types of pasta in the market, such as fusilli, ravioli, macaroni, etc. However, if you have to choose the most favorite type of pasta, then the answer is spaghetti.


Global Flavor : Pasta

Spaghetti is a type of noodle with a long size and has a thin thickness. Spaghetti is a favorite because it is easy to process and has a friendly texture to everyone’s tongue in the world. Processed spaghetti usually uses special sauces, such as carbonara, Aglio olio, bolognese, etc.


The next meal comes from Mexico. This food is a type of snack. Although only a type of snack, this food has a very distinctive and savory taste. Nachos are made from tortilla chips that are fried or warmed then topped with melted cheese or the cheese is used as a food companion sauce. Now, nachos are increasingly diverse, such as using stir-fried beef or chicken as a topping.


Global Flavor : Nachos


The next most popular food in the world is a salad. Salad has become a popular food because it can be easily made and has an acceptable taste on everyone’s tongue. The contents of the salad can also be modified according to taste, as long as it is still in the form of vegetables and fruits. Salad has become popular with poker online fans because it can be served as an appetizer, main dish or dessert.


Burger became popular because it was considered easy in the making process and had the right portion of the content. As you know, burgers consist of bread buns, vegetables, meat, and other additions. Portions of carbohydrates and protein have been obtained from burgers from these ingredients. Burger meat also consists of various types, such as hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chicken burgers, steak burgers, and veggie burgers, which can be selected according to your taste.


The next popular food comes from the type of pastries, namely donuts. Donut became popular because it has a unique shape (round and has a hole in the middle). Also, donuts are considered to be enjoyed at any time and are very suitable as your companion when drinking tea or coffee. Therefore, many coffee outlets now offer a donut menu also. Donuts can also be topped with a variety of tastes, or donuts are filled with cream of various flavors.


Global Flavor : Donut

Fried chicken

The last most popular food in the world is, of course, fried chicken. Chicken meat can be said is a type of meat that is a favorite and widely consumed by many people in the world. And this fried chicken is the most popular processed chicken. The taste is tasty and the skin is more crunchy because it has been covered in flour is the reason why this food is popular. Fried chicken is usually cooked using the deep-fried method to get the best texture and taste