8 The most delicious traditional food in the whole world, is your country one of them?

Many people claim that the most enjoyable activity is eating. The more delicious traditional food is eaten, it will make the stomach feel full and even bring feelings of happiness. Nowadays, food is an inseparable part of a country, in fact, it is not uncommon for someone to remember a country just because of its special food. Well, to get to the point, this is a list of traditional foods that exist throughout the world compiled based on the most delicious compiled from various reliable sources.

Rendang from Indonesia

This traditional food is a typical food that comes from one of the tribes in Indonesia called the Minang tribe. The raw material for making Rendang is beef flavored with various types of spices native to Indonesia. The enjoyment of the spice will be felt to the flesh. The cooking process of Rendang is quite long even for hours. So it’s not surprising that this one food has been named the most delicious food.

Rendang from Indonesia

Rendang from Indonesia

Fried Rice from Indonesia

On the second list is the original Indonesian Fried Rice. This traditional food has become one of the favorite foods of the former President of the United States, Barrack Obama. This food is very simple, but because it is rich in spices it makes the taste of Fried Rice so delicious. Currently, Fried Rice is served with various choices of toppings, such as sausages, shrimp, mutton, beef, eggs, etc.

Sushi from Japan

In third place is occupied by Japanese with traditional food Sushi. This food is very popular in various parts of the world. Quite often you will find a restaurant that serves special food Sushi in countries other than Japan. Sushi consists of rice and fish wrapped in Japanese seaweed or commonly called Nori. To add to the deliciousness, usually, Sushi will be served along with wasabi and candied ginger.

Tom Yam Goong from Thailand

Asian countries seem to dominate the most delicious traditional foods that exist throughout the world. One of the most delicious is Tom Yam Goong which is a food that tastes sour and slightly spicy. The main filling in this food is squid and shrimp which is very suitable to be served when the weather is cold or rainy.

Tom Yam Goong

Tom Yam Goong  delicious traditional food

Pad Thai from Thailand

The basic ingredient of Pad Thai is noodles. The taste of this food is very unique because it is made by combining tamarind water, fish sauce, Ebi, chunks of lime, and onions. The contents are very diverse, ranging from carrot slices, shrimp, bean sprouts, eggs, beans, etc. This food is very easy to find in every corner of Thailand.

Dim Sum from Hong Kong

The next traditional food is Dim Sum. It seems that this food has become a popular food for the people of the earth. One of the most famous Dim Sum variants is Hakau, which is a few pieces of shrimp wrapped and then squeezed for several minutes. Dim Sum is cooked with sesame oil to get a distinctive aroma.

Ramen from Japan

Ramen is made from yellow egg noodles with clear broth as a compliment. Original ramen from Japan is usually made using pork bone broth in addition to various kinds of special Japanese spices.


Ramen delicious traditional food

Peking Duck from China

The process of making traditional food is done very carefully and is quite complicated. If it is wrong in the cooking process, the duck meat will feel hard when eaten. This is inversely proportional if the cooking process is done in the right way. Usually, the texture of duck meat will feel very soft and juicy. For perfect enjoyment, serve Peking Duck along with hoisin sauce and onions.