Panama Food and Beverages

Panama food is famous for its hearty meals. Vegetables grow poorly in this tropical area. Yet, if you dine in at a fancy restaurant, you will find much vegetables-based food served. The main ingredients that are easily found are rice, chicken, red meat, and also beans. If you visit Panama, here are some popular foods and beverages you can taste.

Panama Food and Beverages

Panama Food and Beverages

Ropa Vieja

In Spanish, Ropa Vieja means old clothes. You can find this dish if you are traveling to Gran Canaria. “The Old Clothes” is a beef stew with many kinds of spices like oregano, black pepper, and cumin.

Locals say that the origin of this name is coming from a man who runs out food for his guests, he then makes a special dish made from his old clothes.

Yuca Al Moho

Yuca is cassava, one of the popular ingredients you may find in Panama food. This ingredients Yuca Al Moho is boiled cassava that is marinated in a tasty sauce made with lemon juice, garlic, salt, and pepper. This dish is welcome to be served with other meals.

Panama Food and Beverages

Panama Food and Beverages


Come to popular beverages, Panama food and beverages serve us with Chicheme, a sweet drink that is popular in Central America. The Chiceme is made from dried corn kernels. You have to wash and soak the corn overnight and boil it with condensed milk and cinnamon sticks. After a while, put vanilla, sugar, and nutmeg to give it more taste. After the corn is soft, remove from the heat and wait to cool down. It is ready to serve.


Another Panama food to try is Hojaldres, fried dough, and traditional bread for breakfast. The bread is round and flat. People usually top it with cheese and dip it on sausage stew.

The Hojaldres is kind of like pancakes or French toast. It is very good to have them with sugar, honey, fried egg, or bacon.


Tamales can be found in South and Central America. Each country will have its version of Tamales. In Panama, the Tamales are made by cooking meat and corn dough inside a container made from leaves. It is considered as a special dish, that people sometimes only eat it for special occasions.

The Mexican version of Tamales is a bit different from the Panamanian version. The Mexican Tamales are cooked in corn husks, and the cornmPanamanianeal is less wet and tastier.

Ron Ponche

Let’s end our dish with Panamanian’s most favorite cocktail, Ron Ponche. The popular beverages you can find are water, coffee, and fruit juice as in Panama tourists can find an abundance of fruits. If you want to try their alcoholic drink, Ron Ponche is a good choice. The unique Ron Ponche is made from evaporated milk, mixed with cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla extract, and egg yolks.

To give it additional taste, you may put your favorite rum. Yet, for a more authentic taste, try to have Panama rum that comes from sugarcane. Consider the minimum age when you drink in Panama.