The Appetizing and Well-Known Special Panamanian Dishes

Panama or the Panama Republic is exactly a state in Central America in which Costa Rica had bordered it to the side of west, the Sea of Caribbean to the side of north, Colombia to the side of southeast, and the Ocean of Pacific to the south. Like other countries in the world, this country with a population of around four million or even more has its own special Panamanian dishes that are influenced by a mix of African, Spanish, and Native American cultures.

Diverse and sure to make you drool, here are some typical Panamanian dishes that you need to know!

The Appetizing and Well-Known Special Panamanian Dishes

The Appetizing and Well-Known Special Panamanian Dishes


This Primavera is a salad consisting of pasta, peas, red-yellow peppers, and other vegetables mixed with some cooked asparagus. Primavera in Italian means spring because this salad can be mixed with any favorite spring vegetables. Vegetables such as artichokes, bok choy, carrots, fava beans, morel mushrooms, onions, potatoes, radishes, potpourri, leeks, and spinach. All types of pasta can be used according to taste to make this salad, but generally, the pasta used is the penne type because it has a shape similar to chopped vegetables.

The Appetizing and Well-Known Special Panamanian Dishes

The Appetizing and Well-Known Special Panamanian Dishes

Sancocho (Meat and Vegetable Soup)

Sancocho is one of the most traditional foods in Panama. This Sancocho consists of chicken or beef as the main ingredient, cooked in a chicken broth mixed with sweet potatoes, coriander, vegetables, and other spices, and eaten with rice. This dish consists similar to Guacho but the rice is not cooked with broth. This dish is usually eaten as a dish to cure hangovers.


It is a Panamanian dish in the form of Coconut Cake in the form of small balls. They uses the basic ingredients of coconut, cornstarch, vanilla and also almond extract plus condensed milk. This cake is made with sweetened condensed milk instead of the egg so this cake has a delicious flavor. sweet and delicious too.

Sopa Borracha

This food is one of a special Panamanian dishes that is a very easy dessert to make. Usually, it will be cut into small squares placed on a serving plate or served in individual portions in a glass, prunes or raisins.  Which are then drizzled with sweet syrup, sometimes. added silver candy as a decoration.

Ropa Vieja 

It is basically rice served with shredded meat as a side dish. The meat used is usually beef or some are served with venison. Then the meat cooked with spices such as black pepper, cumin, and oregano. The rice in this dish is called Arroz con coco. Which is rice cooked in coconut milk so that the taste of the rice becomes more delicious. tasteful. This dish is also usually paired with fried plantains as an extra.

Tamal de Olla 

This kind of food is a Panamanian dish that uses a mixture of salted and sweet olives, meat or chicken, peppers, capers, and olives. To give it a very unique taste, the ingredients are all wrapped in bijao leaves, banana, or boiled in a pot filled with water. This dish is served at special events or celebrations such as Christmas.