Learning Panamanian Culture Before Going to Panama

Do you intend to go to Panama? Well, if you have something to do in Panama such as learning, doing business, or even only traveling, you need to know the Panamanian culture. By knowing the culture, you will do everything comfortably and not be shocked when there is something that happens. Then, what are the cultures of theirs? See the explanations below!

Learning Panamanian Culture Before Going to Panama

Learning Panamanian Culture Before Going to Panama

Hygiene and dress 

All Panamanians basically take their appearance so seriously and also place great importance on their physical hygiene both at home and the public. However, at home, to be shirtless for men is very common.

The dress is inclined toward conservative, even though the pop culture of the USA has influenced most of the younger generations and also pushes the limitations on most choices of their fashion. You will easily find salons and even barbershops everywhere, and also perfume shops and women’s fashion accessories stores.

Family values

Generally, the Panamanians focus firstly on the nearest family of theirs. It is actually a limited belief culture, it may be from the relations of diverse races and also a misunderstanding of distinctive culture since some hundred years ago.

However, there is a good side of this Panamanian culture, that is all people are mindful of the activity or business of theirs and also quick to stay out of things that are actually not their business. It does not mean that gossip is nothing, let it all be real, but it is actually more information sharing than time to give personal judgments and opinions. However, extended family mostly close and even live together.

Learning Panamanian Culture Before Going to Panama

Learning Panamanian Culture Before Going to Panama

Social Situation

Well, people in Panama really respect the value and they are exactly indirect communicators. It is hard for them to directly say No. They prefer to say “quizás” (maybe) than “No”, so, be ready with this uncertainty thing. In public, “Save face” is more important for them. They also do not like embarrassing someone.  Panamanian is really polite to everyone. Although they have different races, backgrounds of socio-economic, and religions, they tolerate each other (though they do not accept widely the homosexuality public display).

Greeting the acquaintances by kissing the cheek, hugging, or handshaking is a common thing there. They really keep their comfortable distance while they are conversing because they are basically not touchy people although with everyone although they are not family.

The time perception

People in Panama are so relaxed. Is it true? Yeah, you may seldom or even never find they feel stressed because, in their mind, everything will be ok at the right time. It may be today, maybe tomorrow, or even next week. The promptness is actually not too important for them. They prefer to come and do everything slowly rather than in a hurry. Yeah, for them, it is not too important to think of punctuality. So, try to relax with them when you have a business with Panamanians.

Socializing and party time 

Panamanians also like having a great time, both women and men. They catch all holidays of Western and also celebrate every occasion that needs to get a family and friend gathering. Especially, they love celebrating a birthday, national holidays (such as independence day), Carnaval, Christmas, and new year. They also always serve a very delicious meal in every celebration, play music, and even flow the drinks.