4 of the Best Foods You Must Try When Visiting Panama

If you like traveling, of course, you will be familiar with Panama, right? Of course, the country of Panama itself is one of the tourist destinations that are often favored by tourists. This is because Panama offers various amazing tourist destination locations, such as beaches and several islands there.

But, don’t just focus on tourist attractions when you plan to go on vacation here! Don’t forget to also take the time to taste a variety of Panamanian food specialties here later. That way, you will get memories that are very meaningful and pleasant, of course, when you finish your vacation from here later.

Various Panamanian specialties that you must try

There are so many foods that you can try when you visit Panama. Even so, some of the foods below are highly recommended for you to try because they are typical and iconic foods from Panama itself.

4 of the Best Foods You Must Try When Visiting Panama

4 of the Best Foods You Must Try When Visiting Panama


Primavera is food in the form of a combination of salad and pasta. This food consists of various combinations of pasta, peas, red and yellow peppers, as well as several vegetables and cooked asparagus. This food when interpreted as spring is thus often known as salad food in spring.

Guacho de Mariscos

Guacho de Mariscos is arguably the Panamanian food natives. This food is like a thick rice soup similar to the risotto in Italy. This food consists of long-shaped rice, then added with various meat dishes such as chicken, pork, or other seafood.

Tamal de Olla

Tamal de Olla is also one of the Panamanian specialties that you must try. This is because this type of food is not easy to find. After all, it will only be available when there are special events such as celebrations or at Christmas. This food is a combination of rice with a mixture of salty and sweet olives, meat, peppers, and capers. Often known as pot rice.

4 of the Best Foods You Must Try When Visiting Panama

4 of the Best Foods You Must Try When Visiting Panama

Ropa Vieja

Ropa Vieja is a food consisting of rice with shredded meat as a side dish. Interestingly, in this food, the meat is cooked with selected spices such as black pepper, cumin, and oregano to make it tastier and tastier. The rice itself is cooked in coconut milk, making it more savory when eaten.


Sancocho is a food that is arguably the most traditional of the other foods. Sancocho itself is a meat soup combined with vegetables. The selected meat is then cooked in a broth mixed with several vegetables such as sweet potatoes, coriander, and others. Sancocho will be very delicious when eaten together with rice. Interestingly, these foods are also known as foods that can get rid of hangovers.