Facts about Panama and Its Culture

Traveling is one of the most popular things that people always do. The place that people would love to visit mostly is actually other countries instead of inside of their own country. For example, Americans and Europeans often travel to tropical countries because it is warm, and there is no winter in it. If I recall correctly, I met a man from German, and he actually moved to my country because the winter seasons are awful. It became one of his reasons to move his citizenship to Indonesia, and he speaks better Javanese than I do. Well, enough talking, myself, let just go to the main topic. One of the happiest countries, Panama, has a lot of cool stuff. So, because of that, in this article, we will talk about the facts about Panama and its culture.

Facts about Panama and Its Culture

Facts about Panama and Its Culture


There are only coins as Panama’s currency

One of the unique facts of Panama’s culture is there is no official money made of papers. Uniquely is, they only have coins or pennies to do the daily transactions. Daily transactions I refer to are direct for buying or selling transactions.

When you are visiting Panama, and you only have dollars, then you don’t need to worry. You also don’t need to exchange that money. Why? Because in Panama, the value of the Balboa (the currency of Panama) is the same as the US Dollars. The only papers-made money in Panama is only the US Dollars because the Panama Government itself only distributed the Balboa currency in the shape of coins.

Facts about Panama and Its Culture

Facts about Panama and Its Culture

One of the safest countries in the world

One of the facts about Panama is the country is actually one of the safest countries you can visit. This is very different if you compare it with other countries in Central America or South America. Panama is also one of the most prosperous countries in the world. So, you don’t have to worry about getting mugged, or the bag got stolen or something like that. All you need to do is to master your Spanish language, and you will be able to travel easily in Panama City.

Unique and typical traditional foods

Of course, foods must be included if we are talking about culture. Typical country food can’t be founded every day in our own country, so it is best for us to taste it. Even though it is just a once in a lifetime.

Well, of course, a tropical country such as Panama definitely has a lot of tasty foods. Of course, the taste will be different than what European or American people eat every day. Well, it is the same as other foods in tropical countries in the Asia continent. Panama used a lot and various spices. So, Why not? Try to travel to Panama if you are interested in Latin American cultures.

So, as a summary of facts about Panama, there are many unique cultures there. The government only distributes coins as currency, has many kinds of traditional foods, becomes one of the safest countries to visit, and many more.

Typical Panama Foods

When you are traveling to another country, food that originated from that country is something that we must taste. No matter how awful it looks. Region specialties foods are not something that you will meet every day in your own country. So, that is why you should taste it at least once or twice during your lifetime. Well, many countries have different typical foods, and today, our focus will be on the Central American continent, which is Panama. What kinds of food do they serve? So, because of that, in this article, we will talk about typical Panama foods that might be delicious to taste.


Cocadas is one of Panama’s cuisines that you probably want to taste first. Well, Cocadas is a coconut cake that is shaped small like a ball. Of course, since the cake is made of coconut, the main ingredient is definitely coconuts. They also put cornstarch, vanilla, and almond extract with sweetened condensed milk. This coconut cake that is added with sweetened condensed milk could be said to be a substitute for eggs because the taste of this typical food is sweet and rich in flavor. So, this food is definitely recommended if you visited Panama.

Sopa Borracha

Sopa Borracha is one of the typical Panama foods that can be said to be a dessert. Making Sopa Borracha is very easy because the foods were cut into many small pieces and then served inside a glass. The other ingredients are prunes, raisins, and then covered by sweet syrup. After that, as a final touch, they put some candies in silver-colored as an ornament. Quite, touching.


Sancocho is one of the most traditional Panama foods that you probably want to try. It is a typical and traditional Panama food that the ingredients mainly are rice and meats. The meats could be chicken meats or beef. This food was cooked with chicken broth, sweet potatoes, coriander, veggies, and other special spices. It will be tasty since the rice was cooked with broth. Usually, this food can be consumed to get rid of the hangover effect.

Ropa Vieja 

Ropa Vieja is a bowl of rice that is served with a side dish of shredded meats. Usually, the meat is using beef, or sometimes it could be venison, along with many kinds of spices, such as black peppers, cumin, and oregano. The rice of this food is called Arroz Con Coco. In other words, it is a bowl of rice that is cooked with coconut milk, and it makes the rice taste more savory. Usually, this food has another side dish, which is Plantain as an additional side dish.

Tamal de Olla

Tamal de Olla is one of the typical Panama foods that uses the mixture of sweet and salty olive, meats, peppers, and capers. In the making of its unique taste, all ingredients were cooked inside banana leaves. Usually, Tamal de Olla is served during special events or celebrations, such as Christmas Eve, Easter, Thanksgiving, and many more.